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A “mobile first” approach to FFA. Built for offline. Highly ergonomic.

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Project Summary

The inFullMobile team was challenged with creating a FFA solution and its global deployment. One that would further optimise existing processes and eventualy bring significant savings for the organization.

Project Scope

FFA iOS application + integration with existing backend


  • DesignDesign
  • DevelopmentDevelopment
  • managmentManagement

Project Details

Application was to be used by the store auditors while checking merchandise metrics. Auditors visiting retailer locations in many cases were interacting with managers or points of contact from retailer side. Audit app was to be a one stop shop for task management, surveying, calendar and master data management.

The Solution

inFullMobile team followed a user-centric approach from the very beginning of this project. Walking in the shoes of the field representative gave our designers and developers great perspective and tailored the solution to the needs of the end users. This approach converted into efficiency savings after the project deployment.

application design guidelines

Application design / UX guidlines assure simple and fast experiences to the user, similar to those they are already having on their mobile devices. Take a look at some of the highlights below.


Application icons are the most important initial components of the client's mobile experience by providing exterior identity, allowing users to distinguish apps prior to launch.


Mobile Icon


Splash screen

brand colors

A narrow set of high impact primary colors similar in value, saturation, and warmth create strong consistency of the overall app UX/UI.

  • #ff5e3a
  • #f9671e
  • #ffa800
  • #ffcd02
  • #222c34
  • #6b767f
  • #929fa8
  • #b0b9c0
  • #dddedf
  • #33bc00
  • #94cd26
  • #ff1a38


typo layout

notifications and alerts

Due to the breadth of content, interactions and navigation structure app required clear alerting / notifiying iconography. Push messages inside the app, designed in the right way is the key to users' efficiency boost.

notifications and alerts

custom icons

The iconography has been supposed to be inline with the latest iOS guidelines - flat colours and simplicity first.

custom icons

Custom Controls

UI adjustments enable big productivity gains. Customized control shown, is adjusted specifically to the business process inside the app - enabling faster SOS analysis.

Custom Controls

development solutions

Development has been carried out following principles of the SCRUM methodology. This allowed for a timely delivery within a very tight schedule minimising at the same time the back and forth on the project.

Sprint Based coding

Entire development was divided into 2 week sprints. Transparency of the delivery process has been key success factor for the client.


Coding stats

Coding the solution and integrating it with existing backend systems has been a challenge. Native iOS development, Core Animation goodies and heavy QA were the factors behind the success of the app among the end users.

number of upgrades


number of deployments

pull requests


pull requests

lines of code


lines of

backend system integration


Utilizes modern database system and a scalable web backend (Django framework)


Intuitive user experience designed in our application helped with making faster and more informed decisions.


Data transmission secured using SSL. User access managed by company-wide LDAP based single signon system.

app arrows backend