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“Sara Jenkins’ New Italian Pantry – a digital recipe book with all the right ingredients.”-

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Project Summary

No more paper-printed cookbook “copy-paste” into digital. Reversed way-in from most cookbooks out there, fully packed with with bells and whistles, for ones desiring to cook spontaneously based on their pantry ingredients. Including gorgeous content and useful features - Ladies and Gentlemen: this is Sara Jenkins iPad app!

Project Scope

Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry

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Project Details

inFullMobile team had been approached by renowned New York chef and cookbook author. Purpose of the whole project was to digitize her ingredients pantry including her favorite Italian staples, ultimately giving out more than 75 delicious recipes directly to the users.

The Solution

Project team has delivered iPad app loaded with lots of goodies . This includes gorgeous photos, tip-filled videos, integrated cooking timers and instant shopping lists. Cooking from an iPad has never been that easy. Let’s discover further - see below.

Application branding

The secret to Sara Jenkins' rustic Italian cooking is her dedication to sourcing the best ingredients. The secret to Sara Jenkins’ New Italian Pantry iPad App is team dedicated to details and best-in-class UX.

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Hand-drawn Icons

16 essential ingredients, such as Dried Pasta, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Aleppo Pepper, depicted in a form of hand-drawn customized italian-rustic icons.


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Helpful Features

Features such as integrated cooking timers, instant shopping lists, or interactive cooking hints have been designed with a close cooperation with the client. Team didn’t try to overwhelm the users with lots of features but select the meaningful ones, that spontaneous cooks care about.


Unique UX

Both team and the client wanted to achieve unique User Experience with the End Users. Information about weather in Rome, slick background surface for the recipes and state of art navigation assured final effect appreciated by Apple.


Apple Featured

After only 2 months after launch, app was featured in every major food blog and selected by Apple as a Featured App in the Food and Drink category.


Application Screens

Sara Jenkins App
Sara Jenkins App
Sara Jenkins App
Sara Jenkins App